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Washington State University is one of 105 land grant colleges and universities in the United States. Land grants have unique missions to teach, conduct research, and provide services to benefit all of a state’s citizens. Services to the public are provided through the Cooperative Extension Service (CES), a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Having a partial appointment in the WSU Extension Service, the virtual skeptic makes the rounds of the Pacific Northwest and beyond giving presentations to pesticide applicators, grower organization meetings, and public agencies about the environmental chemistry and toxicology of agricultural chemicals. This section of the FEQL website hosts *.pdf files of the PowerPoint presentations made at the various meetings. Because of the ever-changing nature of agricultural technology, the presentations will be dated to place the information in context. Updated presentations on specific topics will be uploaded as necessary. The virtual skeptic attempts to properly credit all of the individuals and other web sites from which pictures and ideas have been liberally borrowed. Some sources, however, fall through the cracks, and apologies are offered for these oversights. Your feedback is welcomed to correct anything you see in these presentations. Discussions about your disagreements with the content are welcome also.

A.S. Felsot

Update on Agricultural Biotechnology Controversies Pharmaceutical Crops (785kb *.pdf file)

Metam Sodium: Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, & Fumigant Registration Issues (884kb *.pdf file)

Plant Antioxidants (896kb *.pdf file)

Pesticide Issues Facing Agriculture & Forestry (1.46MB *.pdf file)

Pesticides and Salmon: Real Risk or Red Herring? (3.75MB *.pdf file)

Pollywogs, Pesticides, and Parasites: Hazards vs. Risks (1.97MB *.pdf file)

Herbicide Buffer Zones for Protection of Sensitive Species (3.65MB *.pdf file)

A Felsot cartoon

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